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Child treatment

Our help in treatment:

We help ill and disabled children – we buy medicaments, help in treatment, rehabilitation and buy medical equipment for children growing up in very poor families.

We heve helped more than 3000 ill and poor children and families. Only a few of them are with pictures at our websie –> click to see CHILDEN who need help

Examples of our aid in treatment of children from poor families:

5106649_s– We help a little girl – Zosia, who was born with a heart defect. She has too little weight and height and suffers from delayed psychomotor development. The little girl has two sisters, one of them is deaf, the other has a disease associated with ocular muscle weakness. Their mother is struggling with many illnesses and very often has to be away from home – in hospital;

– We finance a rehabilitation of 9-month-old girl who suffers from Pompe disease and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Without treatment and rehabilitation the disease is fatal for infants and young children. The rehabilitation is a chance for her to live, so we have to help her. Her parents can not afford to provide her with the treatment. The girl was hospitalized many times, we need to save the little girl!

– We help in rehabilitation of seven-year-old boy who was born with congenital heart disease-HLHS – hypoplastic left ventricle. As an infant the boy underwent two operations. Unfortunately, after the second surgery, there was a cardiac arrest and hypoxic brain, therefore the boy suffers from quadriplegia and epilepsy. He had also a tracheotomy surgery. With the rehabilitation there can be seen a great progress in Peters development, therefore his mother really depends on continuing it, but she has not enough money…;

– We help in the treatment of a little boy suffering from cerebral palsy. He is blind, cannot speak or walk himself, suffers from stomach reflux and must be properly fed. His mother doesn’t have enough money to pay for rent, medication or adequate food … She loves her children very much and would like to provide them with a better life, because she remembers her childhood only from an orphanage …

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– We help in treatment of 2-year-old girl. Her name is Ola. She was born with genetic defect of heart, underwent surgery, but will have to have subsequent surgeries. The little baby with her siblings and parents have severe financial situation and live in very difficult conditions;

We help 5-year-old Kajtek suffering from neurofibromatosis. The boy has cancer of the eye and optic nerve. He had chemotherapy for 13 months. A chance to save Kajek is the treatment at NF Clinic in Hamburg, where are the doctors specializing in curing the rare disease . Kajtek’s picture

– We help in the treatment of 8-year-old Victoria, who suffers from dysplasia and other autoimmune diseases. The girl cannot walk, and for her mother it is very difficult to carry her. Recently we bought for Victoria a standing frame and thanks to it the girl began to walk herself. Her mother had tears in her eyes, she couldn`t believe that it is possible for Victoria to walk. She wouldn’t be able to afford buying such a rehabilitation unit. The fact that Victoria started to walk is a joy, which even better confirms our belief that it is worth helping. This is the greatest happiness.

– We helped in financing the eye surgery of little Victoria. The girl grew up in her mother’s belly as a twin with her sister, who later died at birth… Victoria was born prematurely with respiratory distress syndrome, renal dysplasia and heart rate disorder. The worst disease is retinopathy. After two series of laser therapy and special treatment it turned out that the disease is still progressing and there was a retinal detachment. Doctors said that Victoria probably will be blined. Her parents could not accept that and found the only doctor in Poland, which gave them hope… Victoria had two vitrectomy surgeries – strengthening of the retina with attaching a silicone band on it. Now the wounds in Victoria ‘s eyes are healing and we hope that everything will be fine and the girl will have a good eyesight.

– Foundation also help a girl, who is old enough that she tries to write letters for suppor8900386_st for her rehabilitation against the progressive disease. The girl suffers from cerebral palsy, spastic paralysis which resulted in paresis of her legs and hands. She can not walk alone. Because of rehabilitation she moves with a walker. She is afraid that the current lack of funds for rehabilitation in a few years will result in that she will be confined to a wheelchair …. Her letter is printed, but the envelope is signed with the childish handwriting…

– We help in treatment of 2-year-old girl who was born prematurely, as she was threatened with asphyxia. She was born with necrosis of her right hand and passed a very strong stroke. The little girl was diagnosed with hemiparesis of her left hand, middle cerebral artery syndrome and other serious disorders. Doctors did not give her chance of survival. However, she had a surgery and the doctors managed to save her hand, but the only way to improve the efficiency of the child is an intensive rehabilitation. The biggest dream of her parents is that the girl will be an able-bodied child in the future…;

– We will help in the rehabilitation and treatment of 24 disabled children from all over the Bieszczady area. The youngest have only 2 years old and several children are in wheelchairs. Children must be supported in order to make progress in the development, become independent and to feel needed. The children will be rehabilitated in the Bieszczady Association “Ray of Hope” that we are trying to save, because due to lack of funds there is a threat of liquidation. Without help 24 children with disabilities will remain locked up in the “four walls” of their own home. They will be deprived of a great joy, which is to meeting with their peers at therapy, rehabilitation, classes and activities at the resort which became their second home… The Centre for rehabilitation allowed children to achieve self-reliance and enjoy the moments spent with other children. We can not let the joy and the opportunity to independent lives to be taken away from them!

19386282_s– We help a mother of two children, who is after a trauma of harassment. “…My childhood is overwhelming, constant anxiety of every day, no help … My father is in prison due to the harassment, but it has not erased the wound in my heart and soul… It has been many years, I would like my children to have a beautiful childhood, which I didn’t have, but still it is not easy … My daughter is ill. When I go shopping, my hands are trembling , again I do not know what to do, if I buy medication I won’t have enough money to buy food…”. We help in the treatment of children and their mother. They suffer from diseases of the blood and respiratory system.

– We helped 7-year-old boy – John suffering from hydronephrosis. His mother admitted that she has to give up the analysis and treatment ot the child in Warsaw, because she has no money even for food, let alone for the transport to the clinic and treatment. We ogranised the transport and medication. With this good diagnosis and treatent his kidneys will be saved;

– We aid 3-year-old boy. His father is after 3 surgeries for cancer of the bowel. Court took mother’s parental rights and gave custody to this ill father, who has 572 zlote per month, of which medicaments cost 300 zlote, so he is not buying it to spare money for food for his son. We help to give meals for the child so that the father can buy medicines and the child wouldn`t lose his father because of tumor recurrence;

– We help Wiktor who at birth was given only 2 points in the Apgar score. By 30 days was breathing through a respirator. As a result of perinatal damage he had a stroke in the central nervous system. The boy had three heart operations (closure of the ductus arteriosus Botalla , correction of congenital defects in the form of a double aortic arch , the removal of a foreign body from the heart – central venous catheter), four eye operations (3 laser therapy, cryotherapy, vitrectomy and lentektomia), bone marrow bone due to congenital aplasia and fibrotomia of upper and lower limbs. The Wictor’s treatment required more than 100 red blood cell transfusions and platelets. The boy also went through the chemotherapy. Wiktor spent at hospital more than a year. Currently, the boy’s diagnosis is cerebral palsy – spastic four-acral, eye disfunction, hypothyroidism and epilepsy. Thanks to intensive rehabilitation Wiktorek sits by himself and put steps when someone helps him. This is a huge success, especially since the doctors assured that it will be only a lying child. Therefore, it is important to continue rehabilitation so that the boy began to walk independently . Wictor’s picture

– We help in funding heart surgery for 6-year-old girl who was born with a complex congenital heart defect HLHS, which means that she has only a part of heart. She has undergone surgeries already, but now is the most important operation, because the defect threatens her life. The surgeon said that they cannot wait for the operation any longer. The girl’s aunt wrote to us as she is seeking support wherever possible….

– We assist in the rehabilitation of Kacper who is 6 years old and is struggling with spina bifida and congenital hydrocephalus. He is paralyzed from the waist down. In the first days of life he had a difficult operation on the spine. The boy is suffering from a serious illness which is cerebrospinal hernia. With the rehabilitation Kacper learns how to walking himself. He has a very good chance for if, nevertheless it seemed impossible for a child with such diseases. Kacper’s picture

– Little Jacob was born with cardio-respiratory failure and suspected brain damage (MBD). He must be rehabilitated due to the developmental sensorimotor disorders and increased muscle tone. In addition, the boy was diagnosed with epilepsy and medicines for it are very expensive. Jacob is being raised by a single mother who can not afford to provide the child with adequate treatment4903851_s. We assist in the rehabilitation and treatment of the boy.

– 8-year-old Peter miraculously survived during childbirth, but he suffers from cerebral palsy and a number of comorbidities. The boy was also diagnosed with epilepsy. His mother raises Peter by herself and also takes care of disabled grandmother of Peter. She has not got enough resources for the expensive treatment. We continue to support the boy.

– We help Kamila, who is suffering from refractory myasthenia gravis. This disease means that the body produces antibodies to the muscle’s receptors and this does not only concern hands and feet, but also facial muscles, esophagus, eye muscle … Getting out of bed, getting dressed, eating, seeing are actions we don’t think of – this is our everyday life, but these activities have become too difficult for her to overcome since the disease took her everything… “the disease causes that I am not able to stand up, to swallow food, talk, see, and what is the saddest thing is that I can not hug my daughters, because the muscles refuse to obey me … younger daughter at the beginning asked , “Mom when you will play with me? ” and after some time she stopped asking, she knew that I couldn’t…”. After trying all available treatment the only rescue gave a medication from Germany – Mestinon Retard, which actually brought her back to life. Unfortunately the reimbursement of the drug is currently refused, and neither her nor family can not afford the purchase of the medication and she is facing another tragedy of relapse. Kamila’s picture –>

– We also help Kate, who since birth is suffering from cerebral palsy and fetal alcohol syndrome FAS. In May 2011 she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes due to the origin in the brain disease. The only hope for her was a special measuring apparatus Guardian – Real – Time. However, the high price of enzyme electrodes does not allow her to operate the equipment constantly. The cost of the electrodes is 858 zlotys per month plus the cost of batteries and rehabilitation which is 480 zlotys per month. Furthermore there is a cost of a specialized diet that she must follow. Kate gets a pension of only 611 zlotys per month and therefore is not able to purchase the electrodes, pay for home rehabilitation and medications. She seeks help. Otherwise she will have to disconnect herself from the Guardian apparatus, which involves a direct threat to her life. Indications of doctors for further treatment are clear: type 1 diabetes requires monitoring of blood glucose continuously, insulin administration, compliance with a gluten free diet and conducting home rehabilitation. Without this device she can have serious hypoglycemia which is a very serious threat to her life.

– We help mother and her two children, whose father abused alcohol and used21143713_s violence against them. After many years they moved away from the father. Now they live in very difficult conditions. There is lack of everything. They do not even have a bathroom. We purchased the fuel for winter, because they would not have anything to get the room warm. We help in the treatment of the girl. It was necessary to visit a specialist and purchase medications, because she has an untreated thyroid disease. We also donate food parcels and clothes.

– We also help a little boy who was born prematurely and struggled for life during the first month. The boy suffers from spastic cerebral palsy. Requires constant care and rehabilitation therapies, which however, may not be effective in deep hearing loss, which affects the child. After serious illness the boy’s hearing deteriorated and his parents need to purchase a special hearing aid that will give the boy the opportunity to develop and for effective rehabilitation. His parents cannot aford to buy it themselves. We will help to finance the purchase of a hearing aid.

– We aid a little girl who was born with a hernia cerebro-spinal and hydrocephalus. She has a valve implanted to drain the excess of cerebrospinal fluid. Weronika is 7-year-old girl and the disease is significantly damaging her eyesight. Pleoptic and orthoplastic exercises are able to stop the damage of her eyes, give the opportunity to improve her vision and actually give good results;

– We help in the treatment of a little boy – Johnny – suffering from cerebral palsy. He doesn’t walk by himself, has an optic atrophy in both eyes and atopic dermatitis. He utters a few single words intelligible only to his mother. The boy, his sister and brother are raised only by their mother, who has not enough money to buy medications…

– We help a boy who has cancer of lumbar spine and thoracic, his parents are dead, he is very poor. He lives with his brother. We bought him a sofa bed so that he does not have to sleep on the floor, which threatened a fracture of his spine. He is suffering great pain. We help him in treatment, we give him food parcels and medicines;

– We help in the rehabilitation of 2.5-year-old boy – Simon – who suffers from multiple CUN malformations and microcephaly. He had a number of operations. He must have intensive rehabilitation with Non-Bobath method. His mother seeks help with all her might to improve the health of her child. It is very difficult, but the boy achieves good progress.

– We helped a mother and two young children, who started independent life moving out from father who abused alcohol and used violence against them. They dzidziushad to leave the house without anything, rent an apartment and take the treatment after the trauma of violence.

– We co-financed the rehabilitation of a boy suffering from cerebral palsy. Thanks to the therapy Patrick has made a great progress, he stands himself, walks with a walker and now is learning to walk independently. We will continue to help so that Patrick would have an independent life in future.

– We help in threatment of a boy suffering from muscular dystrophy, viral hepatitis and cardiomyopathy. Together with his sibling they are brought up by a single mother who, in spite of her illness, works very hard and tries to give children everything she can. Deformation of the boy`s spine, arms and legs is progressing. Medical rehabilitation and equipment give relief to his suffering;

-We help in rehabilitation of five-year-old Ola, who was born with heart defect, respiratory failure, stroke intracranial, muscle tension and is visually impaired. She requires assistance in all activities. Her father works hard, however, he is not able to earn a reasonable amount of money to ensure the rehabilitation of the child;

– We helped in the treatment of autistic boy – Philip. The boy has a disease involving the accumulation of metals in the body. We financed specialized microbiological testing and treatment to save the boy’s health . Philip’s picture–>

– We also help a family with 10-year-old boy suffering from muscular dystrophy. His sister is after oncological surgery. They live away from a city and in difficult conditions. Their mother also suffers due to a number of diseases, she is after surgery, but because of complications, sepsis and lack of disease resistance the health problems come back and very often she must stay in hospital …

– We also helped a girl who had in her life very much suffering. Death of her father, mother’s alcoholism, staying in foster family…

– We help disabled boy who suffers from cerebral palsy. His mother is barely able to take care of him, because of violence of father and the disease of her spine. Every day the mother carries her son on her back to wash, sit or lay him to bed. She is already very weak..;

– We help in funding rehabilitation for nine-year-old girl who suffers from cerebral palsy. She is nearly blind. The girl had serious operations due to neurogenic dislocation of her hip. Rehabilitation gives very good results, but her parents can not afford to continue it and desperately seek help to save the child;

– We help a little boy – Peter – who suffers from a genetic disease. He very quickly began to crawl and get up, but there is a problem with his nervous system and he can not put steps yourself. Peter is nearly 3 years old and should walk independently. He urgently needs help – rehabilitation – to unlock the nervous system while he is so young. According to doctors through rehabilitation the boy will be able to walk. Parents cannot collect the full amount of money needed for rehabilitation. All this is also complicated by the fact that the boy’s father is seriously ill. Peter’s picture

– Christopher and David (12 and 10 years old) are struggling with a severe genetic disease – chromosomopathią and recurrent multifocal pneumonia, shortness of breath and bronchitis. They have often spent a long time in hospital in very serious state. We help in the treatment of children. Cris’s and David’s picture

– Casper was born with congenital cytomegalovirus infection. Already in the firimagesCAEOIDJOst moments after birth had a set of symptoms indicative of severe viral infection. He had thrombocytopenia, ecchymosis over the body, microcephaly, prolonged jaundice, enlarged liver, spleen and hearing loss. Parents have struggled with the severe congenital infection for a long time – three times the boy has been given cures very dangerous medication – ganciclovir . Casper has a significant degree of deafness and cerebral palsy. Rehabilitation is only effective when Casper hears, so it is very important to purchase a special hearing aids, thanks to which the boy will be able to develop and be independent. We are trying to collect funds for hearing aids . Kacper’s picture

– We help Tom, who in 2008 had a giant arterio- venous angioma located in the occipital lobe . The consequence of this was a two- stroke cerebral hemorrhage, which resulted that Tom fell into a coma. Fighting for his life spanned more than half a year and there are many complications. One of them was punctured pleura, resulting in pulmonary edema and abscess. At the same time Tom for nearly five months did not breathe yourself and had to have respiratotherapy. Tom after a long and painful rehabilitation has made definite progress, but still can not walk independently. The left side of his body is still numb, which combined with hand contractures and spasticity quadriplegic makes it very difficult to function normally. Long-term hospitalization and treatment have led to chronic liver damage. Tom still requires a very expensive physiotherapy. Tom’s picture

– We aid in treatment of a little girl suffering from broncho-pulmonary dysplasia, musculoskeletal deformity, ischemic encephalopathy. She does not walk by herself and does not speak. The most difficult and sad are self-injurious behaviors of the little girl, because of which she neads medical treatent and requires full time care so that she would not hurt herself. Her mother lacks funds for medicines, diapers, medical equipment…;

– We aid in treatment and nutrition of a disabled boy who is also suffering from autism. His father has cancer, awaits operation and can not provide the child with adequate medications and food…

11478202_sWe also help Anna, who is suffering from a very serious illness – multiple sclerosis. It is a disease in which cells of the immune system fights the body’s own nerve tissue. This causes numbness in the limbs, very large problems with vision and movement. A few steps is an effort extremely difficult to overcome. Anna is often in a hospital for a long time. She needs rehabilitation and expensive medications that help her, but she cannot afford it. It is very hard for her… Anna’s picture

– We also help Gabriel who is a twin that survived at birth. His brother could not be saved. Between the boys appeared transfusion syndrome. The uneven blood flow between babies had resulted in an uneven flow of oxygen and lead to severe complications. To be able to survive Gabriel’s heart had to work at increased speed. Gabriel was born at 27 weeks gestation. Deep prematurity and transfusion syndrome between twins resulted in Gabriel’s cerebral palsy – spastic quadriparesis and drug-resistant epilepsy. Rehabilitation, which allows making good progress, is very expensive and parents can not afford to buy specialist equipment… Gabriel’s picture

– We also help in the rehabilitation of a little boy – Stas. If the left half of the brain communicated well with the right half the boy would walk, run and play just like his peers, but Stas was born with hypoplasia of the corpus callosum and hypothyroidism. Children with hypoplasia have difficulty walking, executing some movements, distinguish right and left side. Stas through rehabilitation makes great strides in development, but require further intensive rehabilitation . Parents with all their strength try to raise funds to help Stas. The boy’s picture

– We help in the treatment of a girl suffering from multiple sclerosis. Her family have a difficult financial situation, parents can not afford to purchase medications for Kasia. They seek help, and with all their strength try to inhibit the development of the illness.

– We helped in funding rehabilitation for a little boy. His name is Martin. He is 7. He suffers from cerebral palsy, epilepsy, microcephaly, is visually impaired and has delayed psychomotor development. He does not walk by himself, does not speak. He needs help in all activities;

– We also assist in the rehabilitation of 6-year-old girl who was born inefficient breathing and with intracranial haemorrhage, heart and vision disease. It is very delayed psychomotorically, and therefore requires constant rehabilitation;

– We helped in funding a Baffin verticalizer for 2-year-old disabled boy – Michael, who was born with multiple malformations syndrome CNS, a psycho-motor delay, an abnormal limb development. He has undergone many operations;

chmura_serce– We helped to purchase a rehabilitation bicycle for 8-year-old boy who suffers from cerebral palsy, tetraparesis, underwent cardiac operation and is nearly blind. He requires constant rehabilitation and assistance. The boy is making good progress thanks to exercises. Doctors recommended the rehabilitation on a special bike as likely to give significant improvement in the efficiency of the boy;

– We help in rehabilitation of a little boy who was born with cerebral palsy, spastic quadriparesis and has epilepsy. Every day he makes little progress through rehabilitation. Now he moves on all fours, he hears well, makes contact with individual syllables. Little James is being raised by a single mother. Despite the suffering and pain is a very happy boy. Doctors give him a good chance of walking by himself. We need to help him.

– We funded rehabilitation of a seriously ill boy. His name is Cris. He is 10 years old. He was born with respiratory failure, encephalopathy in the form of delayed development in all spheres, epilepsy and microcephaly. A single mother takes care of him, she lacks resources for his rehabilitation;

– We assist in the treatment of three-year-old Filip diagnosed with brain damage (MBD), delayed sensomothoric development, psychomotor hyperactivity and epilepsy. He is being brought up by a single mother who can not afford the rehabilitation of her son. She seeks help everywhere to ensure her child’s treatment and proper development;

-We support the treatment of 3.5-year-old Peter, who suffers from severe liver damage and impaired copper economy. He is an autistic child. He also neads expensive medical analysis because there is a suspicion of the Wilson’s disease. Boy’s little sister is a disabled child. Expenditures for maintenance and frequent travels to doctors give lack of money for basic things, so we help in treatment and fund meals for children in kindergarden;

– We aid in treatment of a little boy suffering from cerebral palsy. Spasticity of muscles causes him graat pain and body deformities. Grześ does not walk by himself and does not speak. His older brother is also a child with disabilities, has problems with hearing and is neurologically impaired;

– We help little Agatka and Kate whose father had an accident. He is in a vegetative state. He was the sole breadwinner of the family,so now they suffer great poverty;

12956792_s– We fund rehabilitation and therapy for a boy who had an accident and suffered extensive brain and body trauma. Doctors did not give him chance of survival. After waking up from a coma there was no contact with him, he must learn how to walk, speak and write. Wojtek with is mother and brother live in difficult conditions, his brother suffers from schizophrenia, their father is dead. With the rehabilitation Wojtek starts to pronounce words and learns how to move his legs;

– We support the treatment and nutritional recovery of a boy suffering from autism and developmental delays. The child is also diagnosed due to suspected Candida infection. Lately the child has the infections more often, and because he is allergic to certain antibiotics and administered medicines are very expensive. The boy’s mother is struggling with a very difficult financial situation. There sometimes lack money even for food.

– We help a little boy – Janek suffering from Peter`s disease and his two siblings. These children are in a particularly difficult situation. Their father in connection with reduction of workplaces lost his job and strongly tries to find new one. They are very poor. The request for children support we got from the school director, who noticed the difficult situation and malnutrition of the children;

– We assist in the rehabilitation of 6-year-old girl who was born with hypoxia at birth and suffers from cerebral palsy. The girl cannot sit or walk. Parents of the girl are practicing with her every day and they get better and better contact with the child, but she still requires constant rehabilitation to become the more independent in the future;

– We helped in buing orthopedic and rehabilitation mattress for a little girl – Mary – who suffers from cerebral palsy. She is in a wheelchair, and after surgery suffers great pain. The mattress gives relief in her suffering and avoid deformation of the joints;

– Tom is a disabled boy. His mother has undergone a surgery to remove the colon as she had a cancer . As a result, radiation caused a damage to some internal organs, which is associated with severe pain. They lack the resources to buy medications. We help in the treatment of Tom’s mother.

We assist in the treatment and nutritional recovery of two disabled girls suffering from epilepsy and mental retardation. Their father died in a tragic accident. The girls are brought up by a single mother. The older girl moves in a wheelchair. The girls often suffer form recurring infections. They lack money for medicine, food …

– We help two little boys, one of whom suffers from heart disease, the other is a child with disabilities who also has kidneys illness. The children suffered from domestic violence.

– We bought a rehabilitation bed for a disabled boy who suffers from cerebral palsy. With the rehabilitation little Oskar is making very good progress in walking and speaking, but when he leaves house, especially in autumn and winter, very painful ear infections and bronchitis recurs. Parents lack the resources for treatment. To enable the boy making progress through rehabilitation it needs to be done at home, so it was necessary to purchase the medical equipment.

– We also help Simon, who has a defect of the central nervous system, which results in paralysis of the foot and problems with concentration and speech. Simon went through two operations. It was a very hard and painful time for him. After 4 months of immobilization in gypsum he began to walk in the prosthesis. What is needed is a rehabilitation so that the boy could walk independently. Simon is very brave, we must help him .

– We help a young boy – Patrick – who had a car accident which resulted in losing the ability to move. He has spinal trauma. Patrick is “chained to bed”. He needs rehabilitation, treatment, merecedical equipment, muscle stimulator, mattress against decubitus, proper nutrition… His family lives in a very difficult situation …

– We help in rehabilitation of six-year-old girl with a heart defect, visual and psychomotor delay. Her mother sees progress in the treatment of the girl and so much depends on further assistance;

– We support the treatment of children in the family, where three of them are disabled, lying, requiring constant care. Their mother is barely coping, they lack practically everything..;

– We support the treatment of a boy who is after complete anoxia of the brain. He requires constant care in all activities. He is being brought up by a single mother;

– We help a disabled girl with respiratory illness and impaired speech. Jola is being brought up by a single mother who is seriously ill. They also live with grandmother suffering from schizophrenia;

– We help in the treatment of 8-year-old boy who suffers from cerebral palsy in the form of quadriplegia. He also has epilepsy, hydrocephalus and has a profound hearing impairment. He underwent cardiac surgery. Patrick requires constant rehabilitation and assistance. The drugs for him are very expensive. The boy’s mom boy is on disability pension. They need help.

– We helped a seriously ill little girl from a poor family who had to be transported to hospital in Warsaw, as treatment at the hospital in the province did not help. Her parents had no money for the transport, and she would not be able to travel by train. We organized a treatment in a hospital near Warsaw and the transport;

– We help 2-year-old girl, brought up by her grandmother who is seriously ill. She is trying to ensure the maintenance from her low pension. The little girl is often sick, she needs medicaments, diapers, food ..;

– We bought rehabilitation equipment for a boy suffering from autism. Kamil’s family live in a very difficult situation. His father is seriously ill. They can not afford the treatment and rehabilitation of the child. We also donate food parcels as they are very poor.

– We assist in the treatment of 8-year-old boy suffering from cerebral palsy and kidney disease. Peter doesn’t walk by himself. He is being brought up by single mother who also has health problems and the boy is too heavy for her to carry him. In addition, Peter was diagnosed with epilepsy, for which medication is very expensive.

– We help in treatment of 4-year-old girl struggling with respiratory illness and her 7-year-old brother who suffers from a disease of the nervous system. Their mother is also very ill. The father tries to find a job because the company where he previously worked for a long time did not pay salaries to employees;

– We finance the rehabilitation of eight-year-old Julita. She is a disabled girl, has psychomotor retardation, suffers from epilepsy, albinism, vision problems. The little girl is not walking by herself and does not speak. She requires continuous rehabilitation, thanks to which she is making good progress.

– We help Cornelia who has 4 years old. She was born with a heart defect and psychomotor delay . She was also diagnosed with epilepsy. Cornelia’s mother must raise her and her sister alone. Thanks to intensive rehabilitation Cornelia already sits alone, stands with backup, and now she learns to walk.

– We helped a family with two ill children who are in a very difficult financial situation. The father got ill, has neurological problems, memory losses, often loses consciousness and therefore can not continue working. Mother due to lack of orders at work received no payment. The situation of the family is very difficult.

zdj3_– We help little Andrew who is disabled and visually impaired. He has a little sister. Their father because of accident is disabled and has only a pension. Their mother recently broke her leg and can not perform the part-time job from which, in addition to the pension, they could maintain;

-We help in treatment of a little girl – Małgosia – who suffers from early childhood paralysis and epilepsy, she has difficulty walking;

– Our Foundation helped also in rehabilitation of 9-year-old boy who suffers from autism, cannot speak and t is not stand-alone in many activities;

– We help in the treatment of a boy suffering from schizophrenia, asthma and neurological problems. The child requires constant care. The family is in a very difficult financial situation, they do not have enough money to travel to doctors, buy medicines and proper food …

– We helped in the treatment of a woman suffering from multiple sclerosis with a progressive paralysis of the limbs and abdominal muscle weakness. Being very poor she was saving money for rehabilitation for more than three years;

– We are funding the rehabilitation of 3.5-year-old boy diagnosed with the sensorimotor development disorders, signs of brain damage (MBD), and psychomotor hyperactivity. Little James is being raised by a single mother. The boy must be treated for epilepsy, for which drugs are very expensive. They need help.

– We assist in the rehabilitation of five-year-old Karolinka, who was born with a heart defect, respiratory failure, strokes, intracranial, muscle tensioen. She is visually impaired. The girl needs care in all activities. Father works, however, he is not able to earn a reasonable amount to ensure the rehabilitation of the child;

– We bought rehabilitation equipment for Sebastian, who was born prematurely with ischemic encephalopathy and tetraparesis. Sebastian is nearly blined and yet doesn’t walk himself. But he has a perfect hearing and is a very cheerful boy, which allows his parents to more easily bear his serious illness.

-We help in treatment of 7-year-old Bartek who has epilepsy, autism and bowel disease. He is being brought up by a single mother who lack resources for the treatment of the child;

– We also help a family with a disabled boy. He had to undergo a difficult leg surgery. Parents do not have enough money to travel to doctors or to give the child appropriate treatment and nutrition. The children’s father is on a disability pension, his mother earns very little …

– We funded the repair of a wheelchair of 7-year-old boy suffering from cerebral palsy;

– We gave softly upholstered bed for seriously ill little girl who during her disease attack seriously injured her head hitting their own crib. She was admitted to hospital. Her mother could not afford to buy a couch. With new bed now she sleeps safely.

– More recently, social assistance worker asked us for help as there were born triplets. Their mother is alone and does not have enough money to buy vaccines for the children, which are very small and weak. It is necessary to purchase vaccines, so that they can develop properly without threats of diseases.

– Claudia is five years old. She was born in perinatal hypoxia after strokes in the brain. He suffers from cerebral palsy – spastic quadriparesis, epilepsy and gastro-oesophageal reflux. Claudia is still a child who cannot walk herself and has increased muscle tone. She is fed enterally – has established gastrostomy, which is associated with expensive special dressings and careful attention to avoid infections. She had five painful operations …. The best rescue for Claudia is an intensive rehabilitation, which gives great progress in her development, but her parents lack money to pay for it. Claudia’s picture

– We will help in financing rehabilitation of a boy suffering from Down syndrome. His mother is not able to collect enough money for it and she seeks help.

– We also help two little boys. One of them suffers from cerebral palsy. He doesn’t walk or speak yet. His brother is neurologically impaired and has hearing problems. The little boys also suffer from constantly recurring bronchitis and ear infections. Their parents often don`t have enough money for medications for the children …;

– We helped in purchasing rehabilitation equipment for a boy suffering from cerebral palsy and epilepsy. Emil is not walking himself, his eyes say more than his mouth can say. His mother has multiple sclerosis, his father has asthma. The situation of the family is very difficult.38467337_s

– We also help Dominica, who is 5 years old and because of cerebral palsy she doesn’t walk herself and has a profound hearing loss and myopia. With rehabilitation the little girl is making a good progress in the development and her parents have better contact with her. She is a cheerful and smiling girl.

– We help disabled little boy who has mobility problems, he is being brought up only by his mother, they live in difficult conditions;

– We helped in purchase of medical equipment for a father, who after an accident, despite the discharge from the hospital, he returned due to septic shock and his life functions collapsed. He suffered a right hemisphere stroke, tetraparesis and complications after sepsis. He doesn’t walk or sit and requires constant help other people;

– We purchased coal for fuel for a very poor mother with two children who ale very often ill because of undertemperature, moisture and mold in their home;

– We buy medicaments for a family of three, where a son and parents are disabled due to ischemic heart disease, diabetic complications, paralysis of the limbs and progressive glaucoma. They are very poor;

– We give financial help for children`s surgeries;

– Fundation passes food parcels for children from poor families with ill child or parent. One of the many is a family in which the father has broken spine, suffers great pain and is not able to work. They get pension but often it is not enough even for buying basic things (after paying rent and basic fees it is 300 zlotys left to feed a family of four for a month and it is far too little money to buy medicines);

We also help children who lost parent or whose parents are seriously ill. Very often our assistance is addressed to the children who not only suffer from diseases, but also who experienced domestic violence. These children ares not provided with adequate assistance in treatment and care.

The situation of children described above and others is very difficult, their parents are not able to pay for the treatment of their child …

We could describe many more examples of our assistance…

These activities for children are carried out within the action “Emergency Service for Children,” in which through family curators, social welfare workers and priests we learn about the fate of the neediest children and we try to help them.

These and other children need further help.

John, Zosia, Mary, Ola and other children are waiting for help …

p.s. I often think of parents who are struggling with illness of their child. The treatment is often so expensive that whatever they do they are unable to pay for it… In these families often lack the basic necessities, not thinking about the money for a treatment… Mother and father experiencing enormous suffering, with all heart they would like to help their child, but do not have a possibility… It’s probably the biggest pain for mother and father …

We also help the elderly in very difficult situations. How often their day is limited to the view of four walls of their room. And poverty…, pensions are so low that they often have to choose between buying medicine or food. These people live very close to us, they are lonely, suffering from illnesses. For them even going down the stairs or going shopping causes great difficulty. For such people help in purchasing medicines and even more the presence of another person is a great joy. They can wait all day until someone comes to them, say a few warm words and give them a smile. We do not realize how difficult and sad is loneliness …

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